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We have spent years researching, testing, and stocking the highest quality spray tan solutions from West Hollywood to Australia! Our stock of  solutions include brands which are organic, paraben free, oil free, alcohol free, vegan, and infused with vitamins and anti-aging botanicals which leave your skin beautifully bronzed, healthy, and hydrated.


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Our airbrush tans are hand sprayed and personalized to your skin tone, coloring, and individual needs to produce the most natural looking, radiant sunless tan. The details of each  session are kept on file and can be used to further customize your tan as the seasons change, or to create a year round maintenance schedule. We are also committed to keeping up with the latest  techniques and advancements in this rapidly growing industry.



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In October of 2010, two good friends set a goal to create a business plan which would give them an alternative to the monotonous 9-5 job and allow them to spend more time with their families. One with a cosmetology background, the other with a background in the tanning industry, and both approaching their 30's they had a vested interest in the beauty and skin care industry. Intrigued by the recent advancements in the sunless tanning industry, they began to research the art of airbrush tanning and instantly fell in love.

Together, they formed Tan 2 Glow and began an endeavor to find the finest solutions and highest technology in the airbrush tanning industry. After much trial and error, they partnered with Infinity Sun, a leader in the sunless industry which has been featured on many hit TV shows, awards shows, and top publications. After receiving several certifications, and a trip to West Hollywood for training at the Infinity Sun headquarters, Tan 2 Glow began booking mobile tans and tanning parties, and began spraying out of a high end salon. A combination of professionalism and high quality products has proven a success for Tan 2 Glow, which opened Fort Worth's premiere airbrush tanning studio in September of 2011 and it's Denton location later that year.

"Having a healthy color makes us not only look better, but feel better too. We hope to give our clients a boost of confidence. Through our business, we hope to give our clients a glow that can be seen not only on their skin, but also in the way that they feel. Giving our clients a glow that radiates from the inside out- that is the purpose behind Tan 2 Glow."  -Kaylyn & Teresa

We are setting a new standard in airbrush tanning by offering a reliable, professional in-studio tanning experience. Our tanning studio boasts clean, comfortable private rooms- no drapes for doors.

Our spray tan artists are trained in both technique and colorology, to carefully evaluate your skin tone and tanning preferences and masterfully create a radiant, natural looking tan. Airbrush tanning is an art and a science- and we have it mastered!